Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Welcome to the new home of my blog

I've finally found time to re-house my blog now that I'm no longer a Microsoft blue badge, so welcome to its new home!

Once we ship Professional BizTalk Server 2006 I hope to have more time to blog about some of the interesting things that I have been working on since leaving Microsoft.

I'm planning on focusing more widely on enterprise development, still a lot of BizTalk but more general .Net, algorithms, development and stuff I find interesting.


Santosh said...

Hi Kevin,
I just posted a comment on the workspace on codeplex about the possibility of collaborating between my BizUnitExtensions project and your core BizUnit project. Let me know if this is something you would be interested in..

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your posting relating to Bizunit. It as been helpful and will be for the member of the future team.

But now I have been ask to find and document best practice and guideline in the use of Bizunit for testing our Biztalk 2006 solution. I have Trouble finding anything of the net about best pratice and wath to avoid. Do anyboby have any suggestion or reference for me?

Mike said...


Remember me?

Have you done any work on how to assign security permissions (for example, “Post”, “Receive”) to MSMQ queues using scripts (utilising WMI or a standard Microsoft COM component or something like that) ???



Aki said...

Hi form Italy Naples

Linda said...

Hi Kevin,

How can I validate a flat file output file against a ff schema in FileValidationStep?


Nostradomus said...


I bought your book, BizTalk server 2006. On page 110 you state, "That other system does not need to be BizTalk and does not necessarily need to be running on the Microsoft platform."

I've been on the phone with msft for days now and we are unable to figure out how to send a custom header through to biztalk. Our customer does not want to purchase BizTalk so I have to create the BTF header for him. We are trying to send the BTF through a web service and are getting errors.

Do u have any suggestions?

THank you.
Your loyal Btalker Bud

Anonymous said...

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Missy said...

Hi Kevin,
This is not about your book. We knew each other back in the 9th grade, Mr. Buttel's Science class. To be honest I hadn't thought about you in years when back in March of 2007 I had a dream about you and felt the overwhelming urge to contact you. I know this sounds weird, but I am just going on instinct. I was able to track you to this blog. Just making sure that your are okay. There has not been a blog entry since that date back in March 2007, so hopefully that you are just busy. Well, if nothing else you can feel good that someone remembers you in a friendly way. You made my starting a new school a much better experience. Hopefully at least this brings a smile to your face and a good life. Hope you life is well. Missy Snead 9th grade, Ottumwa High School 87-88.

Derek LaSalle said...

Kevin, We have an opportunity in UK office. Get ahold of me.-DerekLa